The love of a mother

Foto di  VinothChandar Le donne sono le storiche eredi dell’angelo del focolare che ama indossare nuovi capi che ne esaltano la bellezza, finalmente liberi da ogni tipo di preconcetto. Le donne il sesso più equo (anche se non solo le donne, ma anche gli uomini, recentemente sono diventate più vigili nella cura della loro immagine)Continua a leggere “The love of a mother”

” The light comes in through the window again .”

Foto di Hamish Duncan   You’re terrific! In your deep eyes I discover paths of history lived on the sly grasslands : ” Flight of eagles in the estates ” Immense strength: you weave Aragonese – Byzantine dreams  embroidered on canvas Free at last , from tributes and exploitation of foreign sovereigns : ” Ink stainsContinua a leggere “” The light comes in through the window again .””

Have a perfect day!

Foto di The Wandering Angel The day when my  six- years-old  son  left for his first the school trip lasting one day and not far away from where we live, I felt a little restless considering the fact that  it was his school trip without parents . I was determined not to betray my state ofContinua a leggere “Have a perfect day!”

Circle of hearts

Foto di mrhayata Children , innocently ,  join hands in a circle of hearts  your head  turns so do the colours . In the eyes of those who are watching we can see a rainbow, perhaps a fore shadowing of a more peaceful future . I reflect on the most simple gestures : it’s a longContinua a leggere “Circle of hearts”

A poem

Foto di RedBull Trinker The following poem, is taken from a blog I read regularly ( In its Italian title we find the repetition of the letter “F” in fact, it is titled “ Stimolo in F come Facciamoci Felici” ( Stimulus in F like let’s make ourselves happy). The letter “F” is the initial ofContinua a leggere “A poem”

The factory of thoughts

Foto di Moyan_Brenn I want to work on my own and fulfill my dream of bling  an entrepreneur: because I have got money to invest, because I’ve asked for a loan to a bank, or because I won the lottery (what a luck!). Opening  a blog is also a form of entrepreneurship (being the entrepreneur ofContinua a leggere “The factory of thoughts”