Have a perfect day!

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The day when my  six- years-old  son  left for his first the school trip lasting one day and not far away from where we live, I felt a little restless considering the fact that  it was his school trip without parents . I was determined not to betray my state of mind, and while my little boy,walking in line with his classmates  others and with the teacher on the path towards the bus, he looked at me and smiled, so smiling back at him  shouted “Have a perfect day” .

“I will,” he replied, as if it were the most obvious and easiest choice in the world.

For children it is easy to sail to wards the universe of possibilities.

Sailing in the universe of possibilities, means to having a very open-mind, imagining  what can be without any restraint.

Life is as variety, plot and sparkling movement which invites us to participate in every moment. The pie is huge and even if you get a slice, it is still in one (there is room for everyone, let’s not  fossilize on the phrase “everything has been already invented”).

There are times in everyone’s life, in which an experience of integration with the world transcends the survival activities, such as the birth of a child, seeing your a grandchild for the first time, the first little word of your child, a goal scored by of your favorite team, a gesture of uncommon courage made by  an ordinary citizen. In these moments we forget ourselves and we seem to become a part of everything  existing in the world.

The universe of possibility is  when someone asks “How are and smiling you?”, We answer: “ Perfectly”, blasting the word out of the hat And we will smile !

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The muse, (or the inspirational blogger)



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