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The following poem, is taken from a blog I read regularly (www.erospea.wordpress.com). In its Italian title we find the repetition of the letter “F” in fact, it is titled “ Stimolo in F come Facciamoci Felici” ( Stimulus in F like let’s make ourselves happy).

The letter “F” is the initial of the word “Felicità” (happiness) and I chose this poem because,  my book, revolves around  the theme of happiness.  For this reason  so I considered it appropriate to insert this poem  and devote an entire chapter to it.

Classical poetry underwent restrictive rules (respecting the metric: a certain amount of syllables for each verse), a number of verses, and a good number of figures of speech that caused some obstructionism even  for a poet who was  strongly oriented to  clarity.

On the contrary modern poetry, has been set free from fixed rules, being composed of free verse which should make it easier for the poet to write it and for the reader to read it. Yet,  in our times poetry is often  in a defensive position with respect to those messages that immediately communicate something such as a piece of information, a cry for help or, an invitation to purchase.

Poetry is very old and it is impossible for mankind to  renounce to it, giving up that form of expression that has been  used for such a long time.

In the days preceding Christmas we all wonder what we should give as a present: “ What shall I buy him/her?”

 Personally I often decide to give  books (… and I am right!).

What a happy feeling!, hours and hours  going  from one bookstore to another, plunging  in to an enchanted world, where it often happens to find some special edition of your favorite book.

What a happy feeling, find a second-hand  book and plunge into the world of his/her former owner, it’s like  peeking into his life, or touching his hands while scrolling through pages, it’s like sharing a passions and emotions. Who does not like the smell of  an old book? ….. A feeling of mystery and immortality.

Punctually when I go downtown  to purchase books to give away, I usually play the two plus one game  (one for a gift and two gift for me); what a happy feeling  in returning  home and storing the book you purchased in your bookshelf feeling yourself wrapped by a feeling of pride in looking at that rainbow formed by the covers.

What a happy feeling  in finding the book of poems of your childhood and breathe  those moments ,the book turns into a kind of magic box of memories.

At this point, enjoy reading  the poem:

Stimolo in F come Facciamoci Felici

Fissami, fammi felice, farfuglia

favolose formule, fammi foglia

friccicarella, fingi fisarmoniche

fischiandomi fremente, fai frastuono,

forte, fortissimo, frantuma futili

freni; fammi farfallante figura,

forma fluente, fatti fuso, fatti

felice. Fiata, fa formicolare

fiumiciattoli, fonti frizzantine,

fatti fertile fuscello, flautato

fischiami, fermami, forgiami, fammi

femmina, facciamo feste, facciamoci

felici […]

Figli, fermate fucili, fermate

follie; fermo, fermatevi, fermiamoci.

6 pensieri riguardo “A poem

  1. perdonami…mi scatta un’innocente curiosità…come mai il post porta la data odierna e il commento di Erospea porta la data del 9 aprile dello scorso anno? … è un reblog (commento compreso) ? eri in italiano e lo hai tradotto e riproposto? Molto interessante…se puoi soddisfare la mia curiosità… ciao… 🙂

    Piace a 1 persona

      1. Grazie del chiarimento… è vero bisogna rinfrescare ogni tanto la memoria ai follower…pensa anche a me, a volte, capita di avere commenti su vecchie cose e rendermi conto di averle dimenticate (della serie :”ma ho scritto io questa cosa?”)

        Piace a 1 persona


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